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Welcome to our world of exquisite oak parquet flooring,
where sophistication meets flexibility, and beauty meets functionality.

We offer an array of options that will elevate your space, including classic herringbone, chic chevron, and luxurious Versailles tiles. In addition, we offer timeless plank flooring available in unique widths and lengths.

At our core, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke flooring solutions tailored to your unique project needs. Our collection boasts a stunning range of shades, with 117 hues to choose from, and new colours added each month to stay on top of the latest trends.

We specialize in custom shades and textures, such as sawing, distressed edges, and hand scraping.

Our team of experienced designers is always on hand to offer expert advice and recommendations to ensure your project succeeds.

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Oak Plank and Parquet Flooring

Our parquet flooring collection is designed for creativity. We offer a vast selection of geometric styles and patterns to choose from.

By experimenting with different formats and layouts, we can create four distinct designs from herringbone blocks alone.

We can also incorporate smaller parquet squares to increase your design options, with patterns like Broderie, Checkers, Aquisse, and Marelle, just to name a few. To create truly striking flooring, we can even incorporate finishes like natural stone, natural slate, and cold cast metal. 

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Oak or Stone Veneer Decor Panels

Cheville's Ambistyle wall decor panels bring a true Scandinavian aesthetic to both residential and domestic settings.

Our acoustic panels offer both fire retardancy and acoustic dampening properties and are available in a choice of contemporary shaded Oak veneers.

Additionally, we create panels with a real stone veneer in either its natural form and colouring, or shaded with metallic oils.

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Couture Oak Waterproof Flooring

Cheville's Couture Oak Waterproof flooring, where durability meets effortless installation.

Incorporating a built-in underlay for added convenience, Hydro-AP flooring is waterproof, scratch-proof, and beautifully stylish.

Flooring built to last with a true-to-life EIR surface texture for an exceptionally realistic wood look.

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Sourced from responsibly managed forests,
​Cheville Parquet flooring provides a beautiful and timeless look to any space.

The use of sustainable oak ensures that the natural resources are not depleted and that the forests can continue to thrive for future generations.

By choosing oak flooring from sustainable sources, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while minimizing your impact on the environment.




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